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What you need to know about brick veneer

If you’ve never heard of a product known as brick veneer, you’re not alone. The material has existed for quite some time, but you only make use of it if you know about it and know how it could be of benefit to your home.

We’re going to look into this material a little more deeply and tell you how it could work for your own home. This light thinly cut brick could be an excellent and affordable addition to your home, but let’s find out more right now.

The many faces of brick veneer

Brick veneer, also known as “thin brick,” is actual brick material and not a synthetic option. The brick itself is simply cut thinner so that it's lighter and easier to handle. This is an amazing material that makes whole-house remodels so much simpler. Once your old siding is gone, these materials can simply be placed atop your house wrap for a perfect solution.

Not only are these materials available in extensive varieties in color, style, and shape, but they also offer specialty pieces that make caps, corners and personalized design a simple process. Once this material is in place, there will be no distinction between it and the real thing. You can stop by our showroom to see our selection today!
It's important to note if you're considering brick veneer for your home, that in no way does it provide any structural support. This includes roof support. The material is primarily for decorative use and nothing more.Still, it’s perfect for outer walls, as long as you know the necessary information regarding your home’s frame.

To find out what requirements need to be met, along with anything else you should know before installation, be sure to speak with someone from our brick veneer store today
Brick veneer accents in Spicewood, TX from HC Floors and More

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At HC Floors and More, we are a brick veneer flooring retailer that hopes to make all your remodeling needs come to life with high-quality materials, excellent services and installation, and unrivaled customer care for the duration of your project. No matter what your current need, be sure to visit our Marble Falls, Texas showroom at your convenience to find out how we can help. If you’re in the communities of Burnet County, Llano County, or Williamson County, you’re close enough to visit us at your convenience. Let us know exactly what you need, and we’ll make sure you get it.