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All homeowners know that carpet is by far the most comfortable flooring surface on the market. It's the only soft surface flooring cover. It provides a soft, plush surface that's perfect in so many spaces, and an excellent variety of appearance options to make any space more welcoming.

For homes with children, it provides a certain level of safety as well, assuring that your little one will have a nice warm floor on which to toddle and play. At the same time, you gain benefits, especially these days, that you might not have thought possible from carpet ten years ago

Carpet can do what?

Years ago, the carpet was most notoriously known as a material that was easy to stain and that would become beaten down if you placed in spaces with high levels of traffic. But, as so many things do over time, things changed! Now when you visit your local carpet flooring store, you’ll find this material is one of the most durable floor coverings available.

Many brands, having heard the call for help from homeowners all around the country, chose to manufacture stain protection into the very fibers of their flooring. Now you can confidently place carpet in high traffic areas like living rooms and hallways without worrying that it will be demolished by children, pets, and lots of visitors. Visit our showroom to see or selection of carpets like these!
You'll still get the age-old benefits such as heat retention, noise reduction, and stunning color and design options. However, you can also add commercial-grade stain protection and hypoallergenic fibers to the list as well. Can you imagine where this material will be in another ten years?

No matter what options you choose in your floor covering, remember to ask your carpet flooring retailer about professional carpet installation.
Luxury carpet in Marble Falls, TX from HC Floors and More

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